Instructions for Using the Table of Random Numbers

Close your eyes and then point your finger anywhere in the table below. Open your eyes and begin reading the digits beginning where your finger touches the table. For example, suppose that your finger points to the beginning of the line below and you need five random numbers between 0 and 20.


In this example, you will need to read the digits two at a time until you get two that are between 00 and 20. The first two digits are 55. Because this number is greater than 20, it will be discarded. The second two (36) will also be discarded. The next two digits can be used; your first random number is 17 (underlined above).

Continue reading the digits two at a time, discarding all numbers greater than 20. The next two digits (28) are discarded but the 05 (or 5) is used. This is your second random number. The following will be discarded: 95 and 58. The third random number is 07. The next two random numbers that will be used are 13 and 04.

If you needed a random number between 0 and 1000, you would read the digits four at a time until you obtained a number between 0000 and 1000. You would discard the following: 5536 and 1728. Your number is 0595.