Using to Submit an Assignment

Enrolling in the Class (New Users)

1. Go to

2. Click New User at the top right side of the screen.

3. Select Student

4. Fill in the requested information. The Class ID and the Class Enrollment Password will be provided by your instructor.

Enrolling in the Class (Students who have used for another class)

1. Log in to by going to
2. Select "Enroll in a Class."
3. Enter the Class ID and the Class Enrollment Password and click Submit.

Creating the Lab Report

Use a word processor to create your lab report. The preferred word processor is Microsoft Word but you may also use Microsoft Works or Wordpad. Wordpad is available on all computers that have Microsoft Windows. If you use any other word processor (Wordperfect for example), you must save it as a word document (*.doc), rich text (*.rtf), or HTML (*.htm). RTF is the standard document type for documents that you share with others over the Internet. The table below shows the four formats that are acceptable for your lab reports (doc, wps, rtf, or htm) and what format to use for your word processor.

Word ProcessorFormat (extension)
Microsoft Word.doc
Microsoft Works.wps
Any other word processor     .rtf, .doc, or .htm (Click "Save As" instead of "Save", then select the document type.)

Double-space the text. 

You cannot submit graphs or figures with this procedure. Submit the text but omit the figures.

A printed report must also be submitted during class time. This report must include all appropriate figures.

Submitting your Lab Report

After you log into, click on the class name. Find the assignment name and click the submit icon to the right of the name.

A dialog box will open. At the top of the dialog box, it says "Submit a paper by:" Select "file upload" if it is not already selected.

Browse for the file.

After you select the file, click "submit".

After you submit your report, a text version of your report will be displayed. It will not show you the graphs, tables, or other figures and the formatting will be gone. If you would like to see the original file that you submitted including the graphs, tables, figures, and formatting, you must go to and select the doc (or rtf) file that you submitted.

Viewing Instructor Comments

Log into, click on the class name. 

The computer will display the name of the assignment that you submitted. On the right side, under "Contents" there is a red icon that looks like a page. When you pass the cursor over this icon, a balloon pops up that says "view marked up paper."  Click this icon to view instructor comments.