Laboratory Exercise and Notes

The goal of this exercise is to learn about the protists. We will study major phyla and for most of the phyla, we will study representative genera.

For each specimen:

1)      Read the information in The Biology Web for that specimen. Click here to go to the lecture notes on protists.

2)      Create notes. Your notes can be used on the quiz. They should include a drawing and discription and significant information such as life cycle, commercial value, ecological significance, and unusual characteristics.

Euglenozoans: Kinetoplastids

Trypanosoma causes African sleeping sickness.

Trypanosoma gambienseimg006.jpg (40315 bytes)

Euglenozoans: Euglenids

Euglenaimg022.jpg (16000 bytes)


Mixed diatoms img015.jpg (42244 bytes)

Brown Algae


Fucus, Macrocystis, Nereocystis, Sargassam, Laminaria

Fucus*image3.jpg (36086 bytes)

Fucus*Image4.jpg (65077 bytes)
Sargassamimg018.jpg (68581 bytes)
Macrocystis img019.jpg (61697 bytes)

img020.jpg (34228 bytes)

nereocystis.jpg (70399 bytes)

Laminarmaimg021.jpg (37169 bytes)


A dinoflagellateimg016.jpg (24125 bytes)
Peridinium (a dinoflagellate) peridinium cell wall 1X 400.JPG (41565 bytes)


Paramecium caudatum*img004.jpg (22329 bytes)
Conjugation in Paramecium paramecium multimicronulleatum conjugating X 200.JPG (129993 bytes)
Paramecium movement (video) 
Vorticellaimg005.jpg (76952 bytes)


Radiolarians img003.jpg (31795 bytes)

Red Algae

Some red algae such as Corallina secrete calcium carbonate and may contribute to the development of coral reefs.

Corallina*corallina1.jpg (245566 bytes)
Ceramium img024.jpg (37214 bytes)

Green Algae

Chlamydomonas is a unicellular green alga.

Click on the photographs below to view enlargements. Click the "Back" button to return here.

Chlamydomonas*img007.jpg (39104 bytes)
showing flagella
img008.jpg (48681 bytes)

Spirogyra is a filamentous form.

Spirogyra* (live) X 40img009.jpg (79162 bytes)
Spirogyra* (live) X 200 img010.jpg (44750 bytes)

Click here to go to the notes on the Spirogyra life cycle.

Spirogyra conjugation img011.jpg (103770 bytes)

Volvox is a colonial form.

Volvox* (live) X 100 img012.jpg (45493 bytes)
Volvox*img013.jpg (53225 bytes)

Ulva is multicellular. You will need to remove it from the container.

Ulvaimg014.jpg (62980 bytes)

Plasmodial Slime Molds

Physarum polycephalum Physarum.JPG (370126 bytes)


Amoeba proteusimg002.jpg (35862 bytes)