Review Questions- Introduction to Animals, Sponges, Cnidarians

  1. What phyla of animals have a segmented body plan?
  2. How does a complete digestive tract differ from a sac-like digestive tract.
  3. What phyla of animals have no tissue layers? 2 embryonic tissue layers? 3 embryonic tissue layers?
  4. List characteristics of sponges.
  5. Distinguish between (or describe) a polyp and a medusa in Cnidarians.
  6. Describe the life cycle of an animal.
  7. Describe the mode of nutrition of animals (are they heterotrophs or autotrophs?)
  8. Describe how a Cnidarian feeds.
  9. What phyla of animals are bilaterally symmetrical in either the adult or the larval stage?
  10. What phyla (or phylum) of animals are radially symmetrical?