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       PV = nRT 


The Ideal Gas Law ( PV = nRT ) is unlike the other gas laws in that it does not have an initial and a final state, meaning it does not need the situation to CHANGE in order to determine a value for Pressure, Volume, amount of gas or Temperature.

PV = nRT

Where R = 0.082 atm*L/mole*K

We can determine the Pressure, Volume, Temperature or amount of a gas (n) when the others are known. For this we must use Pressure in atmospheres, Volume in Liters, amount of gas in moles and Temperature in Kelvin.


If you know the pressure, temperature and volume of a gas you can determine the number of moles.

Pressure = 1.4 atm

Volume = 500ml --> convert to Liters --> 0.5 L

Temperature = 20 degrees Celsius -->  convert to Kelvin --> 293K

Which gives us:

PV = nRT
(1.4 atm)(0.5 L) = (n)(0.082 atm*L/mole*K)(293K)
 n = 0.029 moles

At S.T.P.

In order to standardize research and results scientists use a Standard Temperature and Pressure

The Temperature and Pressure are 273K and 1 Atm.

If we plug those number in the equation with a quantity of 1 mole we get the volume of a mole of ANY GAS:

PV = nRT
(1 atm)( V ) = (1 mole)(0.082 atm*L/mole*K)(273K)
 V = 22.4 L

The volume of ANY GAS at S.T.P.  is 22.4 Liters.


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